Massage @ Warrior ONE

[Orlando Location Only]



Swedish Massage

Invigorate your whole body and dissolve all your stress!  
Totally relaxing and rejuvenating table massage. 
Chill Out...Table/Massage Oil Used


Experience a realignment of your deepest layers of
muscles and fascia through slow, deliberate strokes. 
Perfect for stiff necks, low back pain, leg muscle tightness,
and sore shoulders. No Pain No Gain.
Table/Massage Oil Used.


Through “Assisted Yoga,” your body is moved in ways
that are difficult to attain through normal exercise and
individual practice. Release your trapped energy, and
awaken the natural flow of your life force!
Mindfulness and Loving Kindness!
Thai Massage Mat, No Oil, Fully Clothed.



From your phone or tablet, on the MINDBODY App
1. Open the App, search for or go to Warrior ONE
2. At the top of the screen, tap "Appointments"
3. Tap "Massage" and then the length of your choice (60, 75, or 90 minutes)
4. Tap Dore, then View Availability
5. Follow the on screen instructors to pick your day and time
6. Complete the request by tapping Request Appointment!

From a Laptop/Desktop/Browser
1. Click the big orange button below
2. Click the Massage tab at the top
3. It will ask you what you are looking for click “Massage”
4. It will say Which Massage? Most people are looking for a standard one hour long massage, which would be Swedish 60 minutes… it’s toward the bottom of the list of options. If you know for sure that you are looking for something else (i.e. 90 minute massage or Thai Massage) choose the appropriate one.
5. It will ask When? Choose the appropriate options for the time you are looking to request - be sure to put in a few options.
6. Click "Search" and it will pull up what is available from the times you chose.
7. Click request on the time of your choice. If you are not logged in, it will ask you to log in. 
8. Follow the on screen instructions from there - you will have the option to pay online or wait until you are at the studio to pay.