Get the Wheels Turnin' in the New Year!


Are you ready for transformation in 2016?
This year is going to be an incredible year at Warrior ONE and we are so glad that you are a part of our journey. Every month, we choose a POTM (Pose of the Month) to focus on. We study the benefits of the pose, Sanskrit translations, modifications, variations, and contraindications, and we share all of that knowledge with YOU when you come to class! For January, our pose of the month is Wheel! Wheel is ENERGIZING and UPLIFTING. It will light up your whole spine- think shot of espresso for your spinal column! ;)

Known as the "Chakrasana" or "Chakra Asana," Wheel opens and balances all of the 7 chakras. A whole month of that? We're setting you up for an amazing YEAR full of POSSIBILITY! When you're ready, POP right into WHEEL POSE to feel uplifted, inspired and full of energy!!!

Happy New Year, Warriors!