WE are certified Ocean Friendly!

Warrior ONE Dunedin is the first yoga studio to become certified Ocean Friendly!

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$79 Autopay Unlimited all classes Yoga & Rowing ***This is the best deal!  You get 2 guest passes per month to bring anyone you'd like!
5 class package ($60) No Expiration Date!
10 class package ($100) No Expiration Date!
20 class package ($150) No Expiration Date!
Drop In (single class) ($13)  


Of course, if you are NEW to our studio, you should do the amazing New Student Special $39 for 30 days UNLIMITED classes. Try them all!

You can also by a single month of unlimited classes without autopay for $89

As a team, we are inspired by the True North Principles of Baptiste Yoga. The way that shows up in class is through our attention to detail: making sure that there is harmonious alignment in all aspects of the practice. You will find the same elements in all of our different types of classes. From very gentle to vigorous and adventurous, any and all of our classes or programs will inspire, uplift and excite you while clearing your mind and easing your soul. There are over 40 classes per week, you'll definitely find something you love!


Hot POWER (Sweaty Vinyasa Flow)

Sweaty Warrior! Move and Be Moved. Inspire your body, mind, and soul with this powerful, heated practice. Classes are Baptiste inspired. All-levels. Modifications encouraged.



Peace Warrior! Stretch. Let go of old patterns. Shift into space and ease. Slow, relaxed stay-cation to restore vitality and mobility. Prevent injuries. Clear your mind. Re-boot your energy and attitude. All-levels and Beginners. JUST SHOW UP.



Core Warrior! Vigorous & Inspiring Power Yoga with a deep connection to your center…your guts. Be Gutsy. You got this. Classes are Baptiste inspired.  All-levels.



Bliss Warrior! Epic peace. Surrender to deep relaxation and Awaken refreshed from this guided meditation and breathing practice. 



Flowing Warrior! Lots of moving and flowing coupled with occasional long holds. There is no heat in this class, but you could still sweat! Accessible and easy to modify for any and all levels.



Deep Warrior! Similar to yin in that poses are held for long periods of time, but this class is HEATED UP and you'll go a littttttttle bit deeper (and by little we mean... a lot!)