Private Sessions @ Warrior ONE

Beginners. Recovering from injury. Birthday Parties, Showers. Events and Occasions of any kind. Healthy Get-Togethers!

Get started with yoga, try something new in your practice (think headstands, arm balances, crow pose!), or fine tune your practice (think stronger planks, chair poses, and chaturangas!).

Private Sessions are great for all levels of yogis! We offer many variations on private classes, from one-on-ones to private small group sessions to private large group sessions. The form below is mainly for one-on-ones, so please fill it out completely if you are looking for that. If you are interested in a group session, please fill out the form to the best of your ability, and you can write N/A if the question doesn't apply. 

One-on-one sessions start at $80/hour in Orlando and $70/hour in Dunedin, varying according to needs, instructor, scheduling, etc. Small groups up to 10 people start at $100, and generally add $10 per person after that, and additional fees depending on travel and special circumstances.

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(Many people do 1-2 private sessions per week for a few months! Some people do only 1 private session and move into classes. Let us know what you are interested in, or you can discuss a plan with us based on your needs)
If you know exactly when you want your sessions, please include that. We will try our best to accommodate you!
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