Service is the Reward

Lao-Tzu describes SERVICE to others as one of the four cardinal virtues.  

Baron Baptiste teaches to be Grounded in Love, Gratitude and Service.

Wayne Dyer spoke of the profound SHIFT that takes place from wanting something  for yourself to wanting that same thing for someone else.  The authentic love and SERVICE required to do this turns your energy away from the drama of your ego and creates real possibilities for living your TRUTH.

What would your practice, your teaching, your home, your work, your life look like if you shunned Ego, Resentment, Resignation, Comparison and Competition and asked "How May I SERVE?"

"The greatest joy comes from giving and serving. That’s much better than the discomfort and distress of focusing exclusively on yourself and what’s in it for you. When you make the shift to supporting others in your life, without expecting anything in return, you’ll think less about what you want and find comfort and joy in the act of giving and serving. This giving, loving, serving person is the real you."-Wayne Dyer