10 Subtle Transformations from Yoga that Make a Big Impact

Many yogis share a similar story, the same drive that brings you coming back to your mat. It’s the desire for change, transformation, and discovery. And while that may happen in huge exciting ways — like conquering that handstand you always wanted to do — it also sneaks up on you in little ways.  Here are 10 subtle ways in which yoga transforms your life and how they can be bigger than you imagined. 

1. You don't feel so concerned about how you look, and feel a newfound appreciation for your quirks and curves.

2. You become more aware of how much you complain, and make a natural effort to be kinder and more patient. 

3. You find you can take deeper, fuller breaths, and feel the calming effect almost immediately. 

4. You don't get as grossed out by sweaty people or touching feet with your neighbor because you do it all the time at the yoga studio!

5. You start seeing that annoying person at work as less annoying and capable of feelings just like you. 

6. You find that when you're eating for your body, you're naturally eating healthier. No diet needed. 

7. You're considering doing things you've never thought possible before, like teaching a class or quitting the job you hate. 

8. You start approaching family drama in a much more tactful way and find your relationships growing closer. 

9. You start noticing the unhealthy cycles in your life and you're moved to try and break them. 

10. You start taking your yoga everywhere. 


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