Be a YES!

It's Monday. You just got off work and you have the option of going home, grabbing dinner, and watching Netflix OR heading to yoga. Even though you're tired from a long day, you choose yoga because you know that the benefits are far greater than laying on the couch. You're listening to your body, making a choice based on what is best for YOU, and making a commitment to show up. That commitment is called being a YES. To be a yes means making an internal shift. It's using the power within you to create a life based around what YOU want by speaking it into existence and taking action. It all starts with showing up. 

OK so you show up to the yoga class. Once you've made that internal shift, "being a yes" shows up on your yoga mat in a physical form. The teacher calls out a pose that comes easily to you. You confidently shoot into upward bow, sail into half moon, or lay in savasana. You are a YES for these poses because they are familiar and there's no risk involved.
Now the teacher calls for a pose that is difficult or even unknown to you. Suddenly your mind floods with, "I can't do that" "There's no way" "I'm not flexible/strong enough", shutting the possibility down before you even have a chance to try. You close yourself off and are a NO to these poses.
 (It is very important to note that not trying because of fear and not trying because of injury or contraindications are two COMPLETELY different things. Its vital to listen to your body and make a smart decision based on your personal needs.)
Imagine feeling the fear of trying that new pose... but doing it anyway! Even if you fall, or don't do it perfectly...who cares! Moving past the physical/mental blocks, you say "YES!" and suddenly you find yourself in handstand!

The answer to how is always yes
— Baron Baptiste

Being a yes does not mean saying yes to everyone and every opportunity that comes your way. In fact, every time you say "yes" to one thing, you are saying "no"to another. When you say "Yes" to trying a new yoga pose, you actually say "Yes!" to growth and possibility and "No!" to self doubt and fear.
When you tap into your inner "yes-ness", BIG things happen, not just on the mat, but in your life. Think of something you've always wanted to do.. but have always made an excuse as to why you couldn't do it. Maybe it's traveling to Europe or sky diving or starting your own business, anything! When you put the energy of being open to opportunities that used to scare you, and trust your inner voice, you step outside your comfort zone. THIS is where growth happens. You have a reservoir of power inside you waiting to be released just by saying "Yes!"

Being a Yes is a moment by moment exercise. It's a practice, just like yoga. Remember to trust your inner voice and only say "Yes" to opportunities that align with your truth, not what someone else wants or thinks you should do. There will be times when voices of doubt seep back in that will tell you "I can't." Stay open! Maybe it's even something you've tried before and now you're trying it in a new way! The more you practice, the more dramatic the changes will be in your life. You'll start showing up for people in bigger ways because you focus your energy on what matters most. Take a stand for yourself and "BE A YES!"

If you want to read more about "Being a Yes" and living an empowered life, we highly recommend reading "Being of Power", by Baron Baptiste


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