Give Up What You Must.

When was the last time fear stopped you from accomplishing something?
I mean...stomach dropping, anxiety inducing, sweaty palms fear.
Fear of failure, ridicule, rejection.

Notice the events and thoughts that run through your mind as you relive this: "I can't do this." "No way." "I'm not strong enough/skinny enough/smart enough." Any excuse to talk yourself out of it and avoid feeling fear. 

What if there was a way to give up that fear, and let in the possibility of trying something new?

See, humans are already born whole, complete and lacking nothing. And somewhere along the way you start to believe the lies others tell you, that you need to fit within certain limits or else you aren't good enough. You consume yourself with pleasing others and being "enough" that you lose your true, authentic voice in the process. Self doubt appears and knocks you down even more. Think about it! You wouldn't dare say to your friends/loved ones the negative things you say to yourself.

Society demands the avoidance of fear. Avoid discomfort, avoid putting yourself out there, avoid growth, or else you'll be judged. You are born into an Olympic swimming pool, full of wonder and awe and then you start building limiting walls around yourself, forgetting that there's a gigantic opportunity to explore.
You stay swimming back and forth in your small box. 

The key to breaking free from the chains of doubt and fear: Is to acknowledge it's existence ...and let it go. 

That's right! You have the power to break yourself free and to dive into the Olympic pool of possibility. 

Let's try this:
1. Acknowledge: Go back to your example of when you felt fear. Really relive this moment. FEEL the fear. Every time you allow yourself to acknowledge that fear is there in the first place you have the control to let it go. This is different than resisting. Resisting causes the fear to still control the steering wheel. By staying open and feeling whatever comes up, you take back the control and you can let it go.

2. Acceptance: After acknowledgment comes acceptance. You must embrace the fear without judging why it's happening or that you wish there was a different outcome. 

3. Declaration: Now that you've embraced your fear, declare it gone. "Right now, I give up fear." not, "I'm going to give up fear." or even "I want to give up fear." 
The practice of speaking what you declare for yourself right now is powerful. Putting those words into existence creates an energetic shift which shifts your attention off of what is holding your back to what will set you free. Your words create your life!

Letting go and giving something up are different from when someone says "Just get over it!"  You can't let anything go until you've taken ownership of your experience and emotion. It's giving up the emotional weight that you've been dragging around so that you can feel lighter. That's when you are able to separate yourself from the "walls" you put up for yourself, and break them down, brick by brick. 

This is a moment by moment exercise. It's not a one time fix. Self-doubt and fear are strong feelings that creep back again and again. But, you are stronger. Do this exercise every time you feel fear. On and off your mat!