Restore and Cleanse


So far, during the 40 Days of Personal Revolution, you’ve focused on presence, vitality, and equanimity. This week, week four of the Baptiste program, calls for “Restoration,” and by this stage of the program, you’ve maintained a consistent mediation and yoga practice, and now you’re ready for cleansing.

The 40 Day Program includes a three-day fruit cleanse this week, and it is an amazing way to rid the body of toxins and to rethink what foods you put in your body. Participating in the fruit cleanse means you’re introducing nothing but whole, healthy foods into your daily diet, and you’re reducing the cravings that may lend you to over-consume or to make unhealthy choices. This cleanse helps to restore the healthy balance in your body with vibrant, beautiful whole foods.

Much like the fruit cleanse, week four’s excavation questions prompt you to release old baggage that’s holding you back from being your best self. Questions also ask you to ponder the things in your life that drain you and to prompt you to let go of them. Maybe, most importantly, you may also discover that you don’t spend enough time during the day deeply relaxing and restoring yourself. Know that when you are restored, the rest of your life tends to balance. You view the events of your days differently and you interact with others differently.

When your daily schedule is “go, go, go”, there’s a good chance you may neglect taking care of yourself. Our daily schedules may make us out to be “human-doings” rather than “human-beings.” So, really give yourself the chance to just “be.” Do what you need to do each day, but spend time coming back to “being.” Take a couple deep breaths between activities; don't rush; take time to meditate or to practice yoga.