Turn your World Upside Down with Inversions!

Let's talk about Handstands and Headstands!  

Looking for something really AMAZING to help you kick off the new year? Try inversions!!!  Turning your head below your heart is one of the most beneficial things to do for your body. Inversions reverse the blood flow and improve circulation. So, you're STILL working! Just smarter! 

Did you know that inversions can be both ENERGIZING and RELAXING? Handstand, headstand, or forearm will bring fresh blood to your brain giving you instant energy and motivation! More relaxed inversions like shoulder stand & legs up the wall will calm the nervous system allowing feelings of balance and relaxation. Get stronger, gain confidence, feel empowered!!!!

Timid? Not sure if you want to come? Not sure if you are READY? Sometimes, it's really easy to let FEAR stop you from incredible possibility. What would it be like if you dropped that fear, just for a few hours, and gave something new a shot? Inversions are FUN! There is possibility for a whole new perspective on life! 

Come on, get excited to FLIP YOUR PERSPECTIVE! Join us THIS SUNDAY January 10th, 2016 at 2:30pm for an exciting Intro to Inversions! Learn the basics of inversions (or, up your current game!) and gain the confidence you've been looking for! Be PREPARED for transformation!