5 Tips for Getting Back on the Mat After a Setback

Maybe you moved away from your familiar yoga community or perhaps you’ve suffered an injury or have been dealing with personal issues that have gotten you out of your flow. It’s funny that the times you need yoga the most are usually the times that you resist it so vehemently. Neglecting your practice can create a seemingly endless cycle of self-aggression, including feeling guilty for falling behind yet continuing to fall behind because you feel guilty. Although getting back on the wagon doesn’t come easily, it can be done in a self-loving, wholehearted way that will leave you feeling even stronger than you were before. In fact, it’s in those lowest moments that you will find your true strength and cross major milestones in your yoga journey. Here are 5 tips for re-aligning your life and getting back into your practice.


What does it really mean to surrender, especially in a society that highlights not surrendering or “never giving up?” The very last Niyama of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras is Isvara pranidhana, translated to mean “surrender to a Supreme Being or higher self.” This can take multiple forms, including surrendering your excuses for why you got off the mat in the first place. Forget the reasons you stopped and your regrets for doing so, for they will just continue to fuel the flame of negativity. Instead, change your story from “I haven’t done yoga in weeks” to “Today I accomplished ____.”


Chances are if you have fallen out of your yoga routine that others around you have too, and it can feel good to know that you are not alone. In fact, even devoted yogis who have been practicing for decades experience momentary setbacks and need encouragement to get moving again. Confide in a fellow yogi (or even a non-yogi) who will be uplifting and inspiring. As is the case when you’re going through any personal problems, it always feels good to talk it out and that person can hold you accountable for getting back on your grind.


Have you ever come back to the mat after not practicing for a while and found yourself feeling out of shape or unable to do advanced poses that you once could? Don’t beat yourself up about it! Self-deprecating talk will only distract you from your goals and dig your hole deeper. Instead, create new goals that work for you in the stage you are in right NOW. Take it easy at first and gradually increase your practice in the way your body calls for, not your ego. If you’re going to Warrior One, try starting with a Yin/Restorative/Slow Deep Stretch class, then Cool Flow, How Power, and in no time Hot Power CORE!


You can spend your entire life growing in your personal journey and discovering the various elements of yoga. If you’re feeling bored with your current practice, try changing it up. Visit a new studio or try a style of yoga you’ve never done before. Have you ever tried a bikram class? How about aerial yoga or an outdoor community yoga event? If you’ve never developed a home practice this can be a great time to reevaluate how you incorporate yoga in your life, even by starting with just a few sun salutations in the morning from the comfort of your bedroom.


You’ve probably figured out by now that yoga is about so much more than perfecting your asanas. Pantajali’s Niyama of Svadhyaya encourages us to engage in self-study, to reflect and grow, and to read illumined works. Get back on your grind my getting back into a yoga state of mind! Find time to write about your personal journey or to express yourself creatively in the way you do best, whether that’s music, art, or just being out in nature. Read books that enlighten you, even if they’re not yoga-related. Nourish your body with foods that will support your healthy practice. And finally, direct your energy towards helping others instead of harping on negative self-talk. There are plenty of ways to get involved in your yoga community, whether it’s at your studio or teaching a friend how to do yoga for the first time.

Warrior One strives to create an enriching and supportive environment so that you feel welcome to visit us at any stage of your practice, whether you’re just getting back on the mat or it’s your first time ever trying yoga. Together, we can move past any minor setbacks, STEP UP, SHINE OUT and truly transform our lives!