Creating Vision for Your New Year

As 2016 comes to a close and we welcome a year of new possibilities, you may find yourself already setting resolutions for the New Year. These aspirations can take many forms, from finding a new job to eating healthier or communicating better with your family. Yet, statistics show over 80% of New Years’ resolutions fail within the first few months. Unfortunately, this is because most of them arise from the desires of the ego and from the misguided thought that who you are this year is not good enough. Instead of setting empty resolutions based on future outcomes, set heartfelt intentions that keep you in the present moment and help you achieve a greater VISION for your year.  

The key to approaching 2017 is to realize that you’re already who you need to be! Your New Year’s vision involves systematically breaking down the obstacles that hold you back from realizing your true self. Start by setting healthy intentions from a place of honesty and self-reflection. Trust in yourself and your intuition to guide you through your personal journey. Ask yourself:

How am I feeling right now? Do I want to reinforce this feeling or change it?

How can my vision encompass the physical, mental and emotional aspects of my life?

What is directing my vision? Is it aligned with who I really am?

How will accomplishing my vision affect those around me? 

What needs to happen in the new year for me to move forward with my vision?

Now that you have a vision, set your intentions and create goals. What’s the difference? Your goals are your step-by-step instructions to realizing your intentions. This can be as simple as setting the intention to do a handstand but beginning with the goal to master crow pose.

Just as you set an intention at the beginning of class, your New Year’s intention should focus on revealing who you ARE not stating who you want to be. For example, rather than saying “I want to lose weight” or “I want to eat healthier,” try “I am healthy” and then set attainable goals to fulfill that intention. All along your vision is in the back of your head, guiding you to live moment-by-moment aligned with its truth. In this example, your encompassing vision may be “I love my body” and though it may be broad, it is focused. Watch as your goals and intentions evolve to fulfill your true vision, not just for the year, but for your life. 

Whether you already started working on your long-term vision or are just setting one for the new year, at Warrior ONE we’re focused on uplifting and inspiring you as you live up to your BEST self.