Warrior II increases power in your hips, quads and core!  Warrior II is great for improving twisting movements such as swinging a baseball bat AND for changing directions quickly, which is necessary in fielding.  Hip injuries in baseball are on the rise, and surgery is becoming more and more common.  The hip joint is a ball in a socket. The socket has a fibrous rim called the labrum. The labrum is soft, firm and rubbery, like an inner tube on a bike wheel.  If the labrum becomes frayed,  torn or detached, injuries can occur.  Bone spurs can develop and cartilage can become damaged over time.  Baseball players put tremendous pressure and force through their hip joint, whether swinging a bat, changing directions when catching, throwing and fielding and running the bases.  The ligaments that stabilize the hip and encapsulate the entire joint and help to protect the HUGE muscles that motor the leg and stabilize the body.