Malasana; Yogic Squat; "Catcher Pose! "

Our NOT SO little ROCKSTAR plays catcher in Little League.  Is there a more fitting pose than Malasana?  In Malasana you plant you feet firmly into the floor, which helps to achieve balance and remain rooted as you lengthen your spine upward. This stretches your Achilles tendons, stabilizes your arches and aligns your knees and ankles. You get a good stretch in your calf muscles, hamstrings, groins and hip flexors. Opening your hips helps relieve knee pressure.   Malasana ALSO improves concentration, stimulates circulation, helps free your breathing and develops your lung power.  HOLY ASANA!!!

After further review, Malasana is good for EVERYONE!!!

P.S.  Happy Birthday to our not so little Rockstar!