The Power of Stillness

Let it be still and it will gradually become clear.
— Lao Tzu

Needless to say, life always feels like it’s moving too fast. With work, family, responsibilities and one global tragedy after another, it’s hard to even think about slowing down, physically or mentally. On a day-to-day basis you live inside your head: organizing, analyzing, strategizing and rationalizing. Yet, you may find yourself feeling entirely outside of your body, your essence, and what makes you YOU.

Let meditation and your yoga practice guide you into a life of awareness, far beyond the few moments of bliss you enjoy on your mat. Through stillness you will become aware of what your body wants and needs and, more importantly, how it feels to simply BE. You will become more conscious of your surroundings, like soft noises, subtle winds, and the energy of those around you. Carry that stillness off your mat and into your daily life as you become attuned to your habits, urges and reactions so you can relinquish yourself from their limitations. Through stillness of mind you are receptive. You are alive.

It may seem like an oxymoron, but stillness is actually dynamic and active. It involves being fully present in the moment, whether that’s truly savoring a bite of food or the smell of nature, drawing awareness to the sensations of your body, or appreciating a moment with a loved one for exactly what it is.

You may find yourself even enjoying what once were uncomfortable situations in daily life, as you overcome obstacles with an ease you never had before. This is because stillness aligns you with your True North and puts you centered in action so you can experience the good and the bad with your Whole Being. You will find yourself more compassionate, more open to possibility and a better person to yourself and others. Meditation and yoga are simply a tool to help you find that stillness within yourself, opening you up for transformation.

If you are ready to being a regular meditation and yoga practice to harness the power of stillness in your life, drop in to Warrior One, where our team of empowering instructors will help you unleash your greatest potential.