You ARE Ready for Plank Challenge

What is plank challenge? It is challenge we hold each year at Warrior One, and it’s a time to exercise your bravery muscles and commit to strength, power, and a three-minute plank. You’re probably thinking, “Whoa, slow down, did you just say a three minute plank?” Yes, but don't worry because you are READY now.

The challenge involves a few milestones: attending 20 classes in 30 days, trying a class in Studio B (weights or spinning) and working up to a 3-minute plank. With each milestone, you will be supported by the entire Warrior Community. Plank challenge is a time to truly connect with your fellow Warriors and work towards a common goal.

In the early weeks of plank challenge, you will start by holding plank in shorter increments, and by the time the final weeks of the challenge are upon you, you will be able to hold a three-minute plank that ignites the fire within you in so many ways. 

Plank pose strengthens your core and stabilizes your entire body for your asana practice. Much like mountain pose, the essence of plank exists in so many other poses. The ones you may quickly think of are poses like forearm plank, side plank, or reverse plank, but did you know that variations of plank are also found in poses like handstand, down dog, and table top? These poses call for you to draw in your core and to stabilize your joints as does traditional plank pose. 

The physical benefits of plank pose are many, including increased stamina and developing a strong core. Yet, your time in plank can also be spent tapping into your mind-body connection. Think of the last time you were in plank for longer than you expected. You may have fought with yourself: “I can’t stay here any longer”, “I am not strong enough for this pose,” “When is it going to end?” But just when you think you just can’t hold it any longer, the magic happens. Your muscles strengthen, your mind shifts, and crazy as it sounds, you can stay even longer! Plank Pose allows your mind and body to come to agreement and to share the same space of strength and fire. Plank pushes you to experience shift and to trust your body regardless of what your mind may be telling you at the moment. It brings you to your edge, so you can reach that edge in all your other poses.

There’s no better time than now to work on yourself. Why wait until the new year? Start your commitment to fitness and to yourself, now. Your Warrior community is full of support and love for the challenging days ahead. Tap into your best self and go for it. Oh, and you’ll get a pretty awesome t-shirt when you finish.