Effort and Ease

This is week two of Warrior’s Plank Challenge. Isn’t it uplifting to be part of something bigger, a community that shares a common goal?

As the weeks progress during plank challenge, you will increase the time you spend in plank to three-minutes. These early weeks are meant to create a foundation that will prepare your body and mind for creating a three-minute plank.

In your practice this month, consider the duality of yoga and how plank challenge fits into this. Yoga is the duality of effort and ease, sthira and sukha. In order to create peace, you will first need to create  foundation, steadiness, and presence, and plank challenge is a great means of tapping into this.

Plank pose is a powerful pose that attracts attention to your inner-fire and your body’s core. Plank pose ultimately strengthens both. A powerful core supports your entire body and aids in your everyday movement and the demands you place on your body. A powerful core also supports you in all other yoga poses. Tapping into the power of plank this month will also calm your mind and create the comfort that comes with staying in a powerful pose for longer than you typically stay. The magic happens when your mind tells you to exit the pose, and if you stay, shift happens. Shift can manifest in all kinds of ways including  the creation of harmony between mind and body and knowing that you can move past your threshold. 

The foundation you create in plank allows you to surrender and to open up to a never-ending list of possibilities.