Sun Salutations and the Significance of 108

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Since as far back as the beginning of recorded of human history, the number 108 has been associated with deep spirituality and connection between the universe and humankind. Hindu tradition associates the number 108 with the number of Shiva’s attendants, hence the Mala contains 108 beads that circle like the planets of the solar system and represent prayer and meditation. India is known to have 108 sacred sites across the country; the High Temple of Lamanai in Mayan culture was erected 108 feet tall; Buddhist temples are often built with 108 steps representing the 108 steps to enlightenment, and in China, some forms of Tai Chi have 108 movements.

Mathematicians of Vedic culture viewed 108 as a number of the wholeness of existence, and the number 108 is also said to be connected with the Sun, Moon, and Earth, for the average distance of the Sun and the Moon to Earth is 108 times sun and moon's respective diameters. The recurrence of the number 108 is also prominent within the human body. Ancient yogis believed that there are 108 sacred sites within the body; Pranayama, the practice of meditative breath, also contains 108 cycles. One could argue that the number 108 represents an inner-connection between humans and the universe. 

Yogis are known to practice 108 sun salutations during the change of seasons. Practicing 108 Sun Salutations is a meditative practice that connects the body, the mind, and the universe specifically when nature is undergoing a change. And coupled with this change in nature, yogis can start once again, fresh, renewed and inspired.

Please join the Warrior One community in practicing 108 Sun Salutations on Thanksgiving morning at 7am. This practice will lead you through expressions of thanksgiving and appreciation for the wonderful things in life and for supporting others who are less fortunate. Please bring a non-perishable item or two, so we can spread the love and the bounty to others in need.