Why Power Yoga?


The fifty-three-pose sequence in Baptiste Power Yoga combines strength and vigor with flow, breath, drishti, and core stabilization. All of this is combined with heat to provide “dynamic, life-changing forms of physical and spiritual fitness.” Baptiste Power Yoga is much different than other forms of yoga practice: it is accessible to anyone, no matter the age, experience, or level of physical fitness. It is “purposely challenging” to awaken your body, to bring you to your edge, and to make way for vitality and power off the mat as well. Power Yoga is not about becoming super-flexible; it’s about building your physical and mental strength and about knowing your own body.

Baptiste Yoga provide you with a practice that allows you to grow in your own way, to become your own teacher. It’s about “discovering your authentic self” and not about competition or comparison. In our competition based society, we are trained to compare ourselves with others, to compete for the bigger and better, yet in Power Yoga, you can drop all of this, you can be vulnerable, and you can do what’s good for your own body. You may worry that your triangle pose does not look like your neighbor’s triangle pose, but know that everyone’s will look different. Each person’s triangle is an expression of his or her own body. You are a unique human being, so your triangle will always be as unique as your own expression. Start where you are and then be open to the possibilities that can arise with each new day of practice. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by what shifts will happen.

Power Yoga is about transformation. The sequence is designed according to the way your body is supposed to move. It builds true strength, rather than “superficial” strength.  It purposefully trains your body to move in the ways you move in your everyday life: bending, twisting, stretching, and lifting. It is practical. Everyday activities can become more agile, powerful, and graceful with consistent practice. Power Yoga is about training the whole-person. And most importantly, you’ll experience shifts right away in both energy level and stamina as well as in the immediate connection with your own body. This connection is so powerful that you’ll want to keep on practicing.