You are Ready NOW!

The recent Disney classic, Moana, redefines the heroine young girls and women aspire to be. If you haven't seen the movie yet (and if you haven't... watch it tonight!!!) the main character, Moana, must make the choice between staying safe on her island and become head chief, or following her dreams of sailing out to explore the open sea. When trouble strikes and Moana must find away to save her people, she decides to take a boat and set sail to find the solution. Is she scared? Absolutely. Does she make mistakes along the way? Definitely. She moves past this though and steps outside her comfort zone in a big way. Moana is "Ready now".

The typical definition of being ready usually means you have everything figured out and there is little room for failure. What we are talking about though comes from an energetic place. A place of wanting something in your life, and maybe being afraid or nervous or thinking of a million excuses as to why you can't do it, but doing it anyway. Usually what stops you from doing something is the story in your head that says "I can't."  How do you overcome the negative voices? The answer is you don't have to shut them out. It's OK to be scared. The only thing you need is believing that you are ready, even if your brain is telling you something different. 

The energy of being ready now is powerful. You overcome the feelings of doubt by simply taking action. Find comfort in the discomfort and embrace the possibility to grow!! The next time you're on your yoga mat, try something that you'd normally avoid, like getting your front leg to 90 degrees in warrior one, or trying a handstand! (You can always ask your teacher for help :) Do this on your mat, and it will start to show up in your life too. 

No spoilers, but by "being ready now", Moana embarks on an amazing adventure that changes her life and everyone she comes into contact with. Seriously, watch the movie and seriously... You are READY NOW!!