Closing the Gap

Have you ever noticed that sometimes you're excited to do something really good for you (like yoga) and other times it's the hardest thing to even get into the car to drive there? Suddenly, the house NEEDS to be cleaned... "there's no way it can wait until after!"... "What about all those emails I never check??" "Ugh, my nail polish is chipping, there's no way I can show up like that!" Or maybe it's something even bigger. Maybe it's depression, anxiety... just plain not feeling up to it. 

You're not alone. 

It's easy to find an excuse as to why you shouldn't do something good for you. Usually, it's easier to do something else. It's definitely easier to lie in bed instead of going to yoga, or grab fast food instead of cooking a homemade dinner. It's like you forget how good eating well or getting exercise feels. You trade that feeling for the ease of convenience or comfort, and it's a dangerous trade to make.

"The hardest part is showing up."

You may have heard this in a yoga class at one point... and it's true! Not just in yoga, but for all aspects in life. Showing up is a decision. You're making the choice to step out of your comfort zone and into the possibility of change, growth, and a new perspective. You choose what is best for you instead of what is most comfortable.

We call that closing the gap: the gap between what you know is best for you, and the action it takes to get you there. It's an exercise... the more you practice, the better in tune you become with what your body really needs. 

CHOOSE to show up! CHOOSE to shine out! CHOOSE yourself!