The Power of Hot Yoga

You may ask yourself, why practice “hot yoga?” You could easily perform all these poses in a cool room, right? And wouldn’t it be more comfortable? Well, your initial response may be yes, yet shift doesn't happen when you're comfortable; it happens when you challenge normalcy and comfort. Practicing hot yoga has the power to transform your mind and your body. 

Practicing power yoga in a heated room is an incredible experience, an experience that warms not just the room, but your inner fire, your tapas. Your inner fire gives you the support to sustain you during the course of your practice and to move you outside your comfort zone. Your inner fire moves you and motivates you, not just during yoga class, but out in your day-to-day interactions with the world. Hot yoga prepares you for the challenges you face both on and off the mat.

In a heated room, your tissues soften, and your body becomes more pliable and open to the poses within the power sequence. The heat can also give mental clarity and “spiritual healing”, for the heat in the room ignites your determination, your drive, and your motivation to power on. A hot room can also “boost the purifying fire” in your body because heat helps you sweat, and by sweating, your body releases toxins and those things that no longer serve you. Once released, you will notice your body and your mental fog shift, shift to greater possibilities. There is also a deep satisfaction when the sweat just pours right out of you.

The heat could easily be a reason to give up, but the heat pushes you to challenge yourself and to go beyond what is comfortable, easy and typical. The heat allows you to connect with your edge, all the while strengthening your body and your spirit.

Heat can help you see results more quickly. Since the heat allows you to move more easily, you can be more in touch and connected to what your body is telling you. The heat is fuel for cleansing and detoxing, and the heat has the ability to release years of tension in just a short amount of time.