A Daily Meditation Practice for the New Year


Happy New Year Warriors! A new year often prompts us to do away with the old and begin a new path. The beginning of a new year is also a good time for starting over and reassessing the people and the things you value most in your life. Why not take this time to commit to yourself and invite a daily meditation practice into your life?

You may have heard of all the benefits of a consistent meditation practice. And guess what? They are true! The benefits of meditation are numerous, but to start, meditation can lower anxiety, curb a monkey mind, lower blood-pressure, and can increase focus and concentration. Quite simply, meditation practice can change your life.

Not often are we able to devote time to ourselves, and you may think that meditation will take up lots of time during your busy schedule. Yet meditation practice doesn’t need lots of time; in fact, participating in just 5 minutes of meditation a day can reap the same benefits as mentioned above. In addition, daily meditation practice doesn’t need a lot of preparation; in fact, you could even meditate at your desk at work or in the kitchen before dinner or as you prepare to go to bed. All you need is you!

There is no wrong way to meditate. You will find that when you first start, you will have many questions, like “am I doing this right? The answer is always “yes”; you are doing it right. You will also find that your mind tends to wander during meditation, and this is perfectly normal. All you need to do when your mind wanders is to acknowledge it and then let it go with your next breath. Meditative practice is unique to the individual, so you need not worry if your experience is similar to others’ experience; you will always have YOUR own practice, and this is amazing. 

“Meditation Practice is unique to the individual; you will always have YOUR own practice, and this is amazing!”

One way to get started with a daily meditation practice is to join the Warrior Community for Meditation Boot Camp starting on January 3rd. For twenty-one days, you will receive a new guided meditation video through email. Each of these videos is unique, and will guide you through the practice of meditation and can help launch your own consistent meditation practice once the twenty-one days are over. The studio is also offering many free meditation classes during this period. Check the Mind-Body schedule for daily classes and come join the community in establishing clarity and focus in the new year.